DivX Player and VLC Player compete to be the best free video player

DivX Player and VLC Player compete to be the best free video player

Posted 09.14.2009 in Articles by Christopher

So much media and content is available digitally and online that the need for video and media players has drastically increased. Throughout the competition of free video players, two programs have set themselves apart with performance and the features they offer: Divx and VLC. But which one is best?

VLC is short made by VideoLAN Organization and runs on Mac, Windows, Linux and other operating systems including Android and Solaris.  It plays a huge variety of video formats and files, with many users choosing VLC to play videos in formats other players may not support.  VLC plays MPEG, AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, MKV, FLV, MPEG-1/2, and more.

It is also able to stream over computer network as well. VLC can also rip from DVDs and CDs, convert file formats, and also includes an audio normalizer tool to keep the volume relatively stable. However, users have mentioned that sound quality and video playback, while decent, are not exceptional. Sometimes, a video in VLC can become blocky and pixelated, especially after the user has jumped around.

DivX provides another free video player software for Windows and Mac, as well as a web player. Although the original player was limited in the types of files it could play, DivX Plus Player offers more support of different file formats. The player itself is designed more sleekly than that of VLC.  It cannot, however, stream files.

Comparing the two players, one big difference is that the DivX Plus Player does require a payment of $19.99. Without this, the pro features are disabled and the user is left with the basic DivX player, which lacks much of the file support of the plus. VLC does support more file formats than DivX, though, especially if the contender is the basic DivX player and not the Plus.

VLC and DivX both have equalizing, visualizers, and different skin available; VLC also has options to shift the pitch, stretch the time, and more streaming options.

However, DivX can support HD CD and DVD, while VLC cannot. DivX is also syncable with mobile phones, DVD players and the Playstation 3. One of the main selling points of DivX is the high quality of the player and the smoothness of its operation; VLC, a freeware, does have its small glitches.

DivX may be for someone who is more serious about the quality of their video content. 

Both media players are free or have a free offering; DivX has other features available for payment. Ultimately, however, VLC can outperform the DivX player on many counts, including playing many different types of files and streaming. For the average video-watcher who doesn’t care too much about watching in HD, VLC is a versatile, easy-to-use video player that will play almost anything.


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How does the free Quicktime player that you can download match up against the VLC and DviX players?

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