Best DJ software: free Virtual DJ Home Edition shines

Best DJ software: free Virtual DJ Home Edition shines

Posted 09.14.2009 in Articles by Dan

With the popularity rise in electronic dance music, home mixing and digital DJ'ing has increased over the past few years. Instead of needing physical hardware and a full vinyl setup, digital DJ'ing software allows you to access any music files and create mixes, and Virtual DJ Home Edition is at the forefront of DJ'ing software while not costing you a penny.

Virtual DJ produces five different versions of its digital mixing software, the home edition being the only free version. The Virtual DJ Home Edition is not directed toward unexperienced users but is not difficult to navigate. Virtual DJ automatically uploads your music library into a folder which is easily accessible. The middle of the layout houses a tabbed window where you can browse tracks, sample pieces, add effects, and record your mixes. ' All versions of Virtual DJ work with two decks, represented by two digital turntables laid out at the top. The two turntables are differentiated by colors, one being red and the other blue. Each deck has the ability to cue, loop, adjust pitch, scratch, and shift. Using the mixing console you can alter the gain and master volume and create transitions between two tracks. Adding tracks to mix is as simple as dropping and dragging them into the console, and a sound wave bar appears at the very top to help with visual mixing.

A unique attribute of using Virtual DJ is the option to download the iPhone VirtualDJ iRemote app from the App store. The iRemote allows for users to control and use Virtual DJ over a shared WiFi network and can be used with any of the Virtual DJ versions. The app allows for you to use your iPhone or iPad to keep track of your current mix, use either as a digital turntables, or even mix a whole set from your wireless device. Now even though the Virtual DJ Home Edition that is compatible with the iRemote is free, the app is priced as $9.99 USD in the App Store.

The biggest competition Virtual DJ Home Edition has is in Mixxx. Mixxx has a very similar user interface as Virtual DJ, working on two separate decks distinguished by colors, and also using drag and drop as the simplest way to add a track into mixing. The main difference with Mixxx versus Virtual DJ is that Mixxx does not have the digital turntables; however, you can still scratch in Mixxx. Mixxx also includes an effects board, cues, and looping.

The main differences with Mixxx is that it offers free hardware compatibility with no need to purchase drivers, HotCue buttons, and two sound wave bars. Virtual DJ barely edges out Mixxx on most features, except for visual mixing. Because of the two sound wave bars, Mixxx makes cueing and looping simple, and it allows for tracks to be subbed in and out easily in succession.

Virtual DJ looks and feels like high end professional software. It has a stylish interface and a ton of features which sets it apart from the competition. So no matter if you're a seasoned pro or just learning how to mix songs, Virtual DJ is your best option your music and your wallet.

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Mixxx is the best!
Reply #1 on : Mon October 15, 2012, 09:53:42
Virtual DJ is good software, but Mixxx allows for so much more and is always free. Mixxx's free effects are better than the ones that come with the free version of Virtual DJ.

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